The Definition of a Hybrid Turbo

The definition of a hybrid turbo is quite simply a better flowing and a more efficient turbo than that of the stock unit. The basic principle of upgrading a stock turbo is to increase the size of the wheels inside the turbo, thus increasing the volume of air forced into the cylinders. In principle, this sounds very simple, but in fact, if the design is flawed, then not only will the turbo not function well, but serious damage to other engine components may also occur.

The key principles of the perfectly designed hybrid turbo are to achieve the maximum amount of power with the least amount of effort whilst also not compromising reliability. This is achieved by working to the finest of tolerances to achieve greater compressed air, but yet sometimes machining more to allow the gases to flow more freely. The understanding of this is key when designing a satisfactory hybrid turbo compared to an outstanding hybrid turbo. It is a massive misconception that by simply inserting the largest possible wheels into their respective housings will give the optimum power. In fact, this couldn't be further from the truth as compressor surge is then brought into the equation and this is actually more of a hindrance than an advantage.

All our turbos are designed in house from the base up. This process starts by dismantling an original OEM turbo and then assessing how this design can be improved in power and reliability. The wheels are then redesigned and manufactured specifically, bearings are re-engineered and journal bearing turbos are often converted into ball bearing.

A good understanding of boost pressure, compressor surge and back pressure are all key factors when designing the best possible hybrid turbos. For example, if a turbo runs into compressor surge, then although the power figures will be generated to some form of degree, with a bit more thought and understanding so much more can be achieved with the same boost pressure.

A step beyond the norm is actually to convert the hybrid turbo into ball bearing. Up until recently, this has only been achievable by custom manifolds, custom exhausts, oil and water lines. Here at Venom Hybrid Turbos we own the rights to many castings in ball bearing, which gives us the scope to adapt pretty much any high powered petrol turbo into ball bearing. Another way of achieving ball bearing is by machining the original housing and sleeving it. This is OK short term, but for 100% accuracy and durability, a new casting has to be made. The difference between a Venom Hybrid Turbo and the rest is that we invest heavily in components on a big scale. This ensures complete control from the initial design all the way through to the end-user and provide peace of mind that they are designed to not only be the best performing turbos on the market, but they are built to last as well.