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Hybrid turbo on finance

Tymit is a new way to pay that allows you to buy in instalments everywhere. You can spread the cost of any Venom Hybrid Turbo purchase in 12 interest-free instalments.

Venom Hybrid Turbos on finance

You can apply for Tymit online in under 3 minutes at the link below, even before you’ve decided what you want to buy. You can check your eligibility without affecting your credit score.

Once you’re approved, you will have access to a line of credit of up to £6,000 and a set of virtual Tymit card details to make your purchase. These can be found in the Tymit app.

When you’re ready, you can pay on our website with your Tymit virtual card details in the same way as with any other debit or credit card. Tymit will automatically split the payment into 12 interest-free instalments.


What happens if I change my mind?

By applying for Tymit credit, you are not committing to making a purchase with Venom Hybrid Turbos. Once you have access to the credit, you can make your purchase if and when you’re ready.

How do I repay?

You can pay Tymit back by setting up a direct debit or directly by making a bank transfer. You can set up your preferred means of repayment in the Tymit app. 

Am I eligible?

Tymit will decide whether they can offer you credit based on your credit score and your income. You can check whether you’re eligible for credit by submitting your information. This will not affect your credit score.


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