BMW S63 S63 (M5, M6, X5, M, & X6 M) Part Numbers 800075 - 800076 Ball Bearing Hybrid Turbos

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Venom900+ Ball Bearing Hybrid Specification

  • Venom Hybrid Turbos own design Aluminium Billet Hi-flow Compressor Wheel With Extended Tip Technology
  • Machined Compressor Housing, Profiled and Polished to Minimum Tolerances for Optimum Flow of The Charged Air
  • GTX30 Turbine wheel
  • Garrett GTX Full Ceramic Ball Bearing Cartridge
  • Machined Turbine Housing with Additional Clearance To Reduce Back Pressure
  • Ported Turbine Housing to Optimise Flow of The Exhaust Gases
  • Designed, Machined and Assembled in House
  • Fully Balanced On Our Vibration Sort Rig
  • Maximum boost pressure 2.5 bar peak and 2.2 running pressure

Power outputs on various fuels

95 RON 750BHP

99 RON 850BHP

102 RON 900BHP