About Venom Turbos

Venom Hybrid Turbos - The pinnacle of Hybrid Turbochargers

Venom has been developed by our in-house Research and Development team with the focus purely on supplying the best hybrid turbos on the market in both brand new and reconditioned form. As well as being able to supply bolt off, bolt on turbochargers, bespoke units to customer specification can also be manufactured, and there isn’t a unit that Venom Hybrid Turbos hasn’t been able to modify so far. 

Venom Hybrid Turbos offer a wide range of hybrid and performance upgrades, from up-rated actuators to fully machined and profiled turbine and compressor housings. All of Venom Hybrid Turbos are developed and built by our engineers in-house, offering full control of every aspect of the process, from initial research to component selection, machining through to assembly and then final testing. All Venom Hybrid Turbos are CNC profiled, VSR balanced and, where applicable, fully flow tested to get the optimum performance on every turbocharger. 

Venom Hybrid Turbos offer a wide range of products for all Marques of car from Audi to Volvo and everything in-between. Most turbos can be built to various stages of performance to suit every application and every pocket.