Ball Bearing Turbos

The Ball Bearing Turbo has long been the pinnacle of performance for your car, from spool times to longevity, they surpass their journal bearing cousins in every aspect, by a mile.

Every aspect aside from one, to fit a ball bearing turbo to your pride and joy you have to change some stuff... a lot of stuff!

Manifold, downpipe, boost pipes, intake pipes and oil lines, the list goes on. Not to mention the actual physical side of things, can you actually squeeze that GTX3076 in the space between your engine and bulk head without chopping up some of your car?

A lot of the time the answer is no!

So with this in mind the Venom team set about some kind of compromise.  Could we have all the benefits of the ball bearing core but utilise it inside standard turbo housings?

Well the simple answer is 'Yes'

The not so simple answer is 'Yes, but it was much, much harder than we first envisaged!


The VAG 2.0TFSi (Audi S3 8P, Golf ED30, Seat Leon K1) K04-064

This was the first turbo we set about converting and our V1 impressed straight away.

We did a side by side comparison with our V1 Ball Bearing against our Journal Bearing Stage 3, using essentially the same size compressor and turbine wheels in each turbo.

As we thought the Ball Bearing design was better all round, spool times were up, intake temps were down and it generated an additional 25BHP.  Happy days.

And with only a very minor modification to one of the coolant pipes, it is plug and play.

We have just finished V2 which will be getting put through its paces in the next few weeks.

Watch this space!!


As well as this we set about looking at adapting diesel turbos to Ball Bearing. This has proved evermore challenging. The diesel turbos tend not to be water cooled and Ball Bearing Turbos are, so this was a big hurdle in itself. We have recently finalised a design and will be testing in the coming weeks. And again, aside from needing to run coolant to it, these turbos will be plug and play on your vehicle.

Some of the diesel cars on our list include:

Mercedes 350CDI

BMW 3.0D single turbo (330/530etc)



And our other Petrol car Ball Bearing adaptions that are in the pipeline include: 

Vag 2.0TSi S3/Golf R - IHI IS38

Vag 2.5TFSi RS3/TTRS - Borg Warner B03

Vag 4.0TFSi RS6/7 - IHI RHF5

BMW 140i/M2 - Borg Warner B03

BMW M5/M6 - Garrett MGT2260 (twin turbo)

Mercedes A45 AMG - Borg Warner B03


Please don't hesitate to contact us to enquire about your car.