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Do you want a ball bearing turbo thats plug and play? Then get in touch!

Here at Venom we are constantly developing new hybrid turbos and other hardware upgrades. From bolt on Hybrids to custom manifolds and downpipes, bespoke intercooler set ups to induction kits. So we need vehicles to trial fit all these newly developed products and prove they work, so we can get them into production.

You’ll need to be willing to give up your vehicle for 1 – 4 weeks, but in return, you’ll get the latest performance innovations, that no one else has, all at cost price (just parts)

Our fully qualified staff at our Turbo Clinic & Venom Hybrid Turbos fitting centre, will undertake all work needed. The car will be looked after like it’s our own and is fully insured for your piece of mind. All work carried out is guaranteed, but you must be aware that it is a development car so you may need to come back to us periodically to check things over.

To register your interest, just fill out the form, including:

  • Vehicle make and model
  • Registration
  • Mileage
  • Current BHP
  • Any mods
and we'll be in touch soon if your vehicle is selected.

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