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Here it is… our K04-64 ball bearing upgrade.

 We’ve been hinting at our ball bearing development for a while now. Our aim is to integrate a quality ball bearing kit into our bolt off/bolt on hybrids, offering more boost, better spool times, lower EGTs & all round longevity. There’s a few turbos we’re developing this technology for, but this is the first one we’ve completed.

This is a K04-64 turbo which has been infected with Venom to make a stage 4:

  • Over sized 9 blade Turbine wheel.
  • Venom designed bearing housing.
  • Full Ceramic ball bearing cartridge.
  • Venom designed billet compressor wheel.
  • Uprated OEM actuator.

 Compatible with the following cars, 2006 – 2012:

  • Audi S3
  • Audi TT
  • Seat Leon
  • VW Golf Edition 30
  • VW Scirocco

 We’ll have the results from the remap really soon, so we’ll share those here first – but we’re expecting big things!

 We’re predicting these are going to be popular, so we’re considering offering a sliding discount percentage, based on how many orders we get in the first run. If you’re interested in being part of this, enter your details and we’ll be in touch once we have the results.


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