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VAG 2.0 TSI MQB platform, IS38 Ball Bearing Hybrid Turbo.

So the Stage 2 IS38 did a whopping 552bhp @ Unicorn Motor Developments on Project Customs S3 saloon, and would have done more but the low pressure fuel pump couldn't keep up with the fuel demand. We have also installed this turbo on an early Cupra 290 which did 557bhp with meth injection.

The newly named Venom550 is available now in store.



2.0TFSI K04-64 stage 1 ball bearing hybrid turbo.

We have designed this turbo in a way that you get all the benefits from a ball bearing turbo, lower spool times, lower EGTs, better reliability, but in the original housings, meaning that they are essentially plug and play. We have already tested these and they are outperforming all other direct fitment 2.0TFSI hybrid turbos on the market, 452BHP without meth and at only 1.6 bar of boost meaning that there is still a lot of power to be generated from them. Please see the link below:

 Following on from the success of the 2.0TFSI in ball bearing, we set about converting a lot of high powered petrol turbos also in to ball bearing, we decided that the next one will be the Audi RS3, TTRS and Q7 2.5. Again, you get all the benefits from the ball bearing design which bolts straight on to your vehicle, meaning that no custom manifold or downpipe is required saving £1000s on the install.