Audi RS3 2.5 TFSI (11-15) Hybrid Turbocharger VENOM500 RS3

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Part number: 1855-970-0000 | 1855-970-0001
Engine Size: 2.5 TFSI
Vehicle make: Audi
Model: TTRS
Engine Code: CEPA  CEPB  CZGB
Year: 2011-2014 and 2015-2016

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The ultimate and best refined direct fitment hybrid turbo for the 2.5TFSI platform on the planet, designed to run 500+BHP on 99 Ron fuel at only 1.6-1.7 bar of boost pressure.


Starting out as a GENUINE Borg Warner B03 1855-970-0000, this ensures that not only reliability on the housings is guaranteed but the all important A/R as well.

  • The turbo is dismantled and all stock internals are discarded of as this is converted from journal bearing to ball bearing.
  • The genuine actuator is modified to Venoms own tried and tested strength with a stronger spring.
  • The turbine housing is CNC machined to take Venoms own custom 9 blade turbine wheel with the perfect amount of clearance allowing greater air flow.
  • The compressor housing is machined precisely to fit the oversized  7/7 highly efficient billet compressor wheel specifically designed to run smooth power delivery without running in to compressor surge.
  • Bearing housing and seal plate are replaced with a specially designed housing to take the ball bearing cartridge incorporating the seal plate in to the bearing housing to one solid piece for increased reliability.
  • All journal bearing components are removed and replaced with stock GT30 ball bearing cartridge for increased reliability and a turbo that spools quicker than stock.
  • All separate piece parts are finally balanced separately.
  • The CHRA is built and then balanced to finer tolerances than Garrett’s spec up to 130,000rpm.

 This turbo is quite simply the best hybrid turbo for the RS3 8P that money can buy with proven figures 100s of times over and over again.

 Because of the reliability of this turbo, this will hold up to 2.5bar of boost pressure.

 Power expectancy with different fuels without meth

 95RON 420-450BHP

99RON 500-520BHP

99RON and octane booster 520-550BHP

 Modifications required

 With any high powered vehicle with a hybrid turbo, you will always require additional hardware with a custom remap to get the full benefits.


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