Renault Megane RS 225 2.0 Petrol (04-08) Turbo Charger


Part number: 49377-07310   49377-07311   49377-07313
Engine Size:  2.0 16V Turbo
Vehicle make: Renault
Model: Megane
Engine Code: F4R774
Year: 2004-2008

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The reconditioned units can be sold on an exchange basis and fall in to band 2, click here for info.

Product Description:

                                          Hybrid Specification
• Large TD06 Aluminium Billet Hi-flow Compressor Wheel With Extended Tip Height
• Machined Compressor Housing, Profiled and Polished to Minimum Tolerances for Optimum Flow of The Charged Air
• Uprated 360° thrust kit
• Step Gapped Performance Shaft Piston Ring
• Designed, Machined and Assembled in House
• Fully Balanced On Our Vibration Sort Rig
• Estimated Power Output 280-300BHP*